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3: Rooftop 120 (Glastonbury)

3: Rooftop 120 (Glastonbury)

Thirsty Thursday

"Up on the roof, roof. Tell your boyfriend not to be mad at me'"

Featured: Rooftop 120

120 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033

      If you live in Connecticut, you know the good weather flood gates have finally opened! This means patio bars are all the rage for the next four months. Over the next few Thursdays we'll be featuring some of our favorite patio bars perfect for your liquor and Vitamin D intake.

      If you're looking for a Hartford Alternative, check out downtown Glastonbury! A charming historical city, which boasts views of the Hartford skyline. Glastonbury has the same city feel without the insane Hartford traffic patterns (Srsly Htfd, wtf?). 

Rooftop 120 is nestled in downtown Glastonbury in their main industrial strip. When you walk in the lobby, you'll need to take an elevator (or stairs) to your right all the way to the top floor. The third floor on the elevator will pour you out in the lobby of Rooftop 120. Follow the hallway to your right and find the hostess. We went last Thursday, and my best advice is to get there early.

Happy Hour Begins at 4:30pm and ends at 6:30pm. However, by 5/5:15 there was barely a seat in the place. I tried their Strawberry Peach Sangria, it was pretty tasty. Very sweet though, so I switched to a glass of Pinot for my second drink. My buddy was starving so we ordered some of their happy hour wings. It only comes with 4 wings, but I must say, they were surprisingly filling and the sauce was awesome! We went traditional buffalo, but they had sweet chili and chipotle flavors available also.


They had several other small plates featured (see happy hour menu to the left), but I was a little disappointed their Buffalo Egg Rolls were not featured during Happy Hour.

Let's see if we can change that with the power of press ;-).

Overall I would give their food/drink specials a 3/5, but the rooftop vibe brings this establishment to a 5/5 overall. The live band kicked up around 6pm and they have a summer series which I will feature in our upcoming events page.

Try out Rooftop 120 and let us know what you think! Like us on facebook and instagram to stay connected with our Thirsty Thursday Summer Series!

4: Mother's Day Edition, Brunch in Derby

4: Mother's Day Edition, Brunch in Derby

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2: Best Tacos, Wallingford