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7: Connecticut Kickass Cover Band

7: Connecticut Kickass Cover Band

Friday Night Roundup: Live Music

"It's been a long time since I rock and rolled..."

Award Winning Cover Band, 'Down the Hatch'

5/18/18 @ Jake's Tavern

179 Center St, Wallingford, CT 06492

It didn't take long into their set to figure out, there is a good reason why 'Down the Hatch' is catching quite a buzz. Frontman, Joey Gonzalez, gets the crowd rocking from minute one! His long curls head bang along to endless classic rock hits, 80's tributes, and 90's mash ups. Their unique take on Simple Mind's 'Don't You (Forget about Me)' had me completely ready to rock Saturday Morning detention. 

Cover Bands, in my experience, tend to play Journey, or Lynyrd Skynyrd- note for note- with no room for artistic freedom. This is NOT the case for Down the Hatch. As a musician, this was quite refreshing to witness.

Four laid back dudes in their late 20s/Early 30s rolled out ready to ROCK faces, and they did NOT disappoint! My only (personal) disappointment was - this particular old lady left around 11:30pm- which meant I missed guitarist Mike Fernandes shredding on top of the bar. Kudos to Jake's Tavern for not keeping rock and roll on a leash (or the ground), and for posting the video to facebook. 

Down the Hatch took all the risks, and they paid off! I was floored with the vocals on Lead Singer Joey Gonzalez, he reached for his best Freddie Mercury early in the night and he nailed it! My friends were rocking over drummer Tom Porto's rhythmic renditions of Fleetwood Mac, 'The Chain'. Bassist Joey Quagliaroli found a fan in this blogger, as he expertly executed Petty's, 'American Girl'. And the solos throughout the night from guitarist Mike Fernandes were flawless and creative, but particularly the 'Boys of Summer' cover had every girl in the place rocking and reeling for a Don Henley type summer romance. The whole floor was thumping, the crowd was jumping, and the band kept shredding all night!

I'm very glad I was finally able to catch this show, as people have been buzzing about this band for over a year now! Find them on facebook, or like them on instagram, to BE SURE you're front row for their next show. 



8: The Haunted Haven, A Ghost Post (New Haven)

8: The Haunted Haven, A Ghost Post (New Haven)

6: Casual Café in New Haven

6: Casual Café in New Haven