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10: Historic Drive-in Movies, (Barkhamsted)

10: Historic Drive-in Movies, (Barkhamsted)

Date Night: 1940s Drive-In 

"Wake up early to black and white re-runs- that escaped from my mouth..."

Pleasant Valley Drive-In

47 River Rd, Barkhamsted, CT 06063

Times have changed since the 1940s, but I can't imagine much is different about the Pleasant Valley Drive-In. The nostalgia overflows the parking lot, as twilight arrives in Barkhamsted. My boyfriend and I drove a scenic hour, up Route 8- past Litchfield, past Torrington, east of Winsted and past what seems like never-ending woodlands. Admittedly, we arrived a bit ill-prepared and wished we had read the website in a bit more detail, so let me hit the highlights for you.


The first/feature film begins after sundown, which in the summer is around 8:45pm. Depending on the length, the next movie doesn't start until well past 11:00pm. So unless you're super young, or live close to Barkhamsted- you'll probably only make it through the first title. Most importantly: this is a CASH ONLY venue. There is an ATM at a country store about a mile down the road, but it's always better to come prepared. It's $10/adult, but Thursday night is carload night! So it sounds like that's the most economic value($20/car). Also, this place is SUPER dog-friendly. Just keep them leashed outside the car.

Pleasant Valley has been open from early spring to late fall, dipping into October if the weather cooperates. Take a ride up in fall, as I'm sure the foliage is beautiful in this area. Keep an eye on their website for movie updates. 

My personal advice is to bring your own snacks. The snack bar unfortunately contains only food from yesteryear, and definitely left me wanting. Next time, I will prepare more of a picnic and skip the concessions. However, in a bind, they serve hotdogs/hamburgers/popcorn and the normal sugar-filled treats. 

Overall, this was absolutely a great experience. It was a fun Memorial Day adventure right in our own back yard. It filled me with wistful memories and admiration that Connecticut still has so many gems to discover hidden around every corner!



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