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12: Karaoke, Meriden

Tuesday Karaoke: Meriden's Meeting Spot

Karaoke at Scotty O'Boyles

505-531 N Colony Rd, Meriden, CT 06450

Cheap drinks slinging while everyone is singing, there isn't too much to dislike about dive-bar karaoke.

Tuesdays in Meriden take on a royal rumble of talented voices, grouped with cheap beers, and great company at Scotty O'Boyles.

Karaoke Host, Joey G., keeps the mic moving, and the tunes trickling in through the night. And I must say- his grouping of local talent is unprecedented for a such a small neighborhood dive-bar. Come in with a tune, or just come by to watch the raw talent- either way, Tuesday night Karaoke at Scotty O'Boyles is a can't miss hidden oasis! 

The host's karaoke catalog seems to be equally as endless as his own karaoke talents. But do NOT feel intimidated by the Tuesday Talent night, the crowd at Scotty's is ready for tunes from all genres and expertise levels.

Getting started around 9pm- there's cheers and beers aplenty, so be sure to check out the kings of karaoke-Tuesday's down at Scotty O'Boyles!

Slide through the picture show below of our Karaoke crew! 

13: Wedding Planner, Middletown's

13: Wedding Planner, Middletown's

11: A Tale of Two Ciders, Brew Review

11: A Tale of Two Ciders, Brew Review