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16: Hopkins Vineyard (Warren)

Historical Farmlands, Delicious Wine

Hopkins Vineyard, 25 Hopkins Rd, Warren CT 06777

Hopkins Vineyard located in the scenic hills of Litchfield County over looks Lake Waramoug, and offers an award-winning array of delicious white and red wines. 

In 1979, Bill and Judith Hopkins transformed their dairy farm into a vineyard.  Hopkins vineyard now produces 11 varieties of grapes.

For over 225 years the farm has been run by the Hopkins family.  For those looking to visit the vineyard, you will be welcomed with friendliness, and hospitality.

Hopkins has a delicious list of wines ranging from dry to sweet sure to satisfy any pallet.  

Not sure what to try? You can choose a wine tasting in which a very knowledgeable staff member will provide an explanation of the ingredients, and suggest foods which would best compliment their wines.  

Once you’ve made a decision enjoy a glass, or a bottle, browse the unique gift shop, and enjoy the breathtaking views.  Hopkins Vineyard makes for a romantic date, or fun outing with friends.

Outside food and beverages are not allowed to be brought in, but Hopkins does have a menu of several different cheese plates which pair well with many of their wines. 

For more information on Hopkins wine tastings, tours and upcoming events visit hopkinsvineyard.com

17: Middletown Coffee Stop

17: Middletown Coffee Stop

15: College Street, New Haven

15: College Street, New Haven