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 14: 121 Restaurant in Oxford

High Flying Food: An Oxford Experience

Nowadays we all need a gimmick. What fun is a restaurant with good food and good drinks if there's not a plane landing 200 feet from you?

Luckily, 121 Restaurant in Oxford has all the airline action you need!

Nestled directly on a small landing strip, in the heart of the Central Connecticut Valley, at 121 Restaurant you can sip craft beers and woof down wings- while small plane propellers get ready and cleared for take-off.


This blogger was lucky enough to catch dinner and the show, and I must say- despite the long drive through the country- it was worth it!

My friend and I both ordered wings off their appetizer menu, and we were quite impressed! 

(I always insist on getting a simple appetizer when at a new restaurant. Mainly- because if an establishment takes pride in something simple- then it is absolutely worth coming back to try their "specialties".)

As for 121 Restaurant? This blogger will definitely be back!

We destroyed our wings, and sipped our beers- delighted as the planes rolled in and out. 

Enjoying our evening thoroughly- my friend insisted we cheat on our diets further to share a Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert. And I am SO very glad she twisted my arm.

We cut into the savory dark chocolate shell, and the chocolate "lava" oozed perfectly. Delightfully digging in- we were proud of our dessert decision- to say it was delicious would absolutely be an understatement, so I can only urge you to try it yourself!

(see our picture below!)

ConnSocials ONLY posts firsthand photos. So yes, this IS the actual lava cake. /drools.

ConnSocials ONLY posts firsthand photos. So yes, this IS the actual lava cake. /drools.

I found this Oxford establishment to be clean, friendly, and spacious. The patio was a bit windy for our delights, but we lasted about 10 minutes outside, which was long enough to witness a couple light aircrafts take-off from the balcony.

As the sun set, we journeyed inside to the beautiful interior. Simple in design, but clean and modern- I gave One Twenty One a raving review on Yelp.

2 beers, 10 wings, and 1/2 a dessert later- I was a VERY happy blogger as I rolled back towards eastern New Haven County.  

The best thing about Connecticut is simply this-- EVERYTHING is driveable. No matter where you are in the state, you should enjoy a nice country ride on your way to Oxford.

Looking for a custom ConnSocials day trip? Add a stop by OEC Brewing or Black Hog Brewing Company to sample local beers and enjoy Oxford's historical farmlands, before heading over to 121 Restaurant for dinner, drinks and the show! 

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15: College Street, New Haven

15: College Street, New Haven

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