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17: Middletown Coffee Stop

17: Middletown Coffee Stop

A Cute Coffee Stop

Main Street Middletown: Sweet Harmony Cafe and Bakery

330 Main St, Middletown, CT 06457

   Local home to hoards of hipsters, Main Street Middletown is no stranger to cute cupcake shops, craft beers, or superior cups o' joe. In recent years, the eateries on Main Street have built a reputation for vegan-friendly, gluten free options, and from my samplings- they don't disappoint. A shining star among this main street oasis, is Sweet Harmony Cafe and Bakery.

This limited hour bake shop has just what you need to get your breakfast or lunch started right. Crêpes? Yes please! Breakfast/Lunch sandwiches? Made to order! Gluten Free/Vegan-Friendly breakfast and lunch options? SO MANY!


Here's the basic facts to get you in the door. GREAT COFFEE. Amazing crêpes. Yummy lunchtime sandwiches. HUGE PORTIONS. Bonus: All baked goods are made in house! According to their website, they also make beautiful Wedding Cakes and baked goods for special event catering. A gallery of pictures can be found on their site. Caution: may cause hunger and sweet tooth aches.

Their Gilmore Girls sized coffee mugs make dining-in for breakfast a Middletown Must-Do. My personal recommended crêpe toppings are Jam and Cream Cheese. It tastes better than it probably sounds...

Absolutely anytime I'm in Middletown this is my must-stop shop for an afternoon pick-me up. Red Eye, iced, with almond milk. Works like a charm. Great spot for a daytime Tinder 'Meet Up'. Easy to find, and all day-time hours. Food for every diet and date.

If the date is a dud, at least they have coffee and lemon bars. :-)

18: North Branford Poochie Play

18: North Branford Poochie Play

16: Hopkins Vineyard (Warren)

16: Hopkins Vineyard (Warren)