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18: North Branford Poochie Play

18: North Branford Poochie Play

Puppy Playcation: A Daycare Your Dog Deserves

200 Shaw Rd. North Branford CT 06471

As a rescue dog mom this Conn Socials writer understands how nerve-wracking it can be to leave your pet with strangers. For most of us our pets are family, and we’ll do anything we can to keep them from being harmed.  We’ve all heard sad stories about dogs getting hurt, or even killed while at day care, or the groomers.  It is a nightmare none of us want to face.  That’s why it is incredibly important to find a trustworthy doggy day care; a place that allows all owners to feel at ease when we leave our four-legged fur babies for a couple hours, a day, or for overnight care.

Poochie Play LLC in North Branford CT does just that!  The hours are super convenient, the staff is incredibly friendly, the facility is clean, and most importantly, the dogs really seem to enjoy themselves.

A large venue with both indoors, and outdoor options- each pooch has plenty of room to play all day.  Dogs have a chance to have fun, exercise, and socialize. Nap time is scheduled between 12p-1:30p every day. The overnight guests are provided with a modern kennel type setting, and cozy cot. For a small additional fee fleece bedding may be added.

Throughout the day you can check up on your fur-baby by viewing Poochie Play’s webcam! Here you will find live footage of your pup interacting with other pups.  The pixel quality isn’t perfect, but it’s clear enough to see what’s going on in real time.  The ability to check up on your pup whenever you want is priceless!

doggie daycare.jpg


- Merlin, Charla's dog

(A clearly satisfied customer @ Poochie Play LLC)

Poochie Play does ask each dog owner provides their own food to avoid upset stomachs, and the possibility of allergic reactions.  All dogs over six months old must be spayed/neutered, and all paperwork with proof of shots must be completed. Dogs must also be free of fleas, and ticks, and be on a flea/tick program i.e. frontline.

If you plan on leaving your pet for an extended period of time consider one of Poochie Play’s grooming packages!  They offer full service grooming including, bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, trim, and full haircut. 

Poochie Play is so much more than just a kennel; it’s a place my pooch looks forward too.  The staff knows their four-legged guests by name, and treats them as they would treat their own pet.

For details on the variety of amenities Poochie Play offers, and what your dog should expect during a typical day at daycare check out their website: poochieplay.net


Daycare Pricing:

One day pass, $29. 5 day Pass, $140 (savings of $1/day)


1-6 nights, $43 per night, 7 or more nights, $40 per night. (Overnight guests participate in daycare at no extra charge.)


Mon-Fri  6:30-6p Sat 8-5  Sun 8a-9a or 5p-6p

Follow them on FB at Poochie Play LLC

"Can we go to Doggy Daycare too mom?!"- Lady and Brody, the ConnSocial Mascots-

"Can we go to Doggy Daycare too mom?!"- Lady and Brody, the ConnSocial Mascots-

19: Paddle Boarding (Old Lyme)

19: Paddle Boarding (Old Lyme)

17: Middletown Coffee Stop

17: Middletown Coffee Stop