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19: Paddle Boarding (Old Lyme)

19: Paddle Boarding (Old Lyme)

Sunset Paddle Board Party in Old Lyme:

End of Summer MUST DO

Black Hall Outfitters: 132 Shore Rd, Old Lyme, CT 06371

CANCEL YOUR WEEKEND PLANS. Grab a six pack, some fun friends, your bathing suit, annnnd a sweater (ughhh #CTproblems). Grab them NOW. Call Black Hall Outfitters, and book your group a Sunset paddle board party... srsly. Right NOW.

$58 dollars (tax included for Uncle Sam), was truly a worthy price to pay for our experience Saturday. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

beach view1.jpg

I joked with our instructor that we got "service with a smile" the whole day. He didn't know I was reviewing for Connsocials.com .  :-)

Our guide Kevin just kicked it with us the whole day, never overbearing, but completely supportive with each person in the group. His cooler was plenty big enough for everyone's beers, and his patience was unending as he taught our group ranging from noobs (guilty!) to experienced boarders.

His "chill vibes" had us ready to rock from the docks, but once we got out on the water, he eased us off our knees and on our feet in no time! I was cruising through marshes like an old pro in 20 minutes. 


If you've never paddle boarded, it's basically kayaking on steroids. Much more water access, and range of motion. You may fall in at some point, but its SO easy to get back up. Don't worry about your phones! Leave them in the car! DISCONNECT! Kev, the instructor, took AMAZING photographs for us, and had them in our email within hours. 

Service with a smile, and pictures to prove it!

If nature viewing is what you crave, this is a great location! Our guide/instructor Kevin took us through the marshes, and Osprey nesting grounds. We spotted several, and learned a couple fun new facts! Can you spot the nests in our photos?

I won't spoil his material, you'll just have to go learn about Ospreys for yourself.

 At our halfway mark, he brought us to a small island to enjoy the sunset views, and take cool group photos. He encouraged us to take the below "jump shot". I admit, I teased and groaned over the 'posed picture'. But later I was SO happy he convinced me. I mean, how cute are we?!

QUICK. SUMMER IS FADING. CALL Black Hall Outfitters NOW to book your trip!

And feel free to email me if you want to borrow the Shark sweater ;-)

20: New Business, Erika Machell’s Boutique (Branford)

20: New Business, Erika Machell’s Boutique (Branford)

18: North Branford Poochie Play

18: North Branford Poochie Play