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22: Handmade Healing Bracelets (Branford)

22: Handmade Healing Bracelets (Branford)

An Awakening Artist sells Crystals in Connecticut

(And on the internet too!)

Long time Connecticut resident, Ravae Cillo, has dedicated the past several months to passionately improving herself mentally, physically, and spiritually, thus creating a healthy balance in her life.  While Ravae has always been open about her health and fitness journey, she had yet to advertise her interests in spirituality and healing crystals. Now that Ravae has found a harmonization within herself, she is finally ready to share her journey and appreciation for the power of healing crystals.

Driven now to spread the importance of a positive mindset, Ravae has created a business fittingly titled: The Awakened Amethyst. This eCommerce business will offer handmade crystal bracelets and energy healing merchandise.  As the business thrives, sage bundles, and other metaphysical goodies, will be added to her inventory.

“I wanted to do something that will truly help other people, and just something that makes me happy,” says Ravae.

Since the beginning of time ancient civilizations have used quartz crystals as protective charms, peace offerings, and jewelry. Healing crystals remind us to have a clear purpose, ignore negative thoughts, and remember that we all have limitless potential.

‘The Awakened Amethyst’ grand opening is May 27, 2019.  All products will be 10% off, so don’t miss out on your chance to save on this high quality handcrafted crystal jewelry.   

For details on products and promotions, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, or just needing some daily affirmations, be sure to follow @theawakenedamethyst on instagram

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” –Mahatma Gandhi-

Logo designed by  @francisco_dauria24.

Logo designed by @francisco_dauria24.

23: An Intergalactic Brewery Experience (Oxford)

23: An Intergalactic Brewery Experience (Oxford)

21: That COOL Book Store (Wethersfield)

21: That COOL Book Store (Wethersfield)