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23: An Intergalactic Brewery Experience (Oxford)

Black Hog Brewing Turns To the Dark Side

(May the 4th be with you…)

On the first Saturday in May I was so excited to celebrate International Star Wars Day! And is there any better way to bring in this most sacred holiday than by drinking some delicious local Connecticut craft beers? Luckily for me, Black Hog Brewery (Oxford) was on the same page!

Black Hog celebrated the day with the release of their summer beer ‘SWAG’! Their website describes it as “a refreshing American wheat ale with hints of citrus from fresh grapefruit peels and a light herbaceous pop from herbs we grow in our brewery garden boxes”. I don’t know about all the fancy lingo, but it sure was delicious!

Adhering to the day’s theme Black Hog Brewery also had a special cask beer call ‘Swag Wars’. It was truly divine 0:-). Combined with Summer ‘SWAG’ release AND the special cask beer, Black Hog ALSO featured a collaboration with Liar’s Bench Brewery (Portsmouth, NH ) which they aptly named ‘Revenge of the Pith’.


On top of new brews, the special holiday featured a Contest for the ‘Best Wookie Impression’ ( R.I.P Peter Mayhem), AND $1 discount on all beer pints IF you were wearing a ‘Star Wars’ themed shirt. This blogger’s brother took the discount opportunity to heart and designed his own ‘Star Wars’ shirt that admitted he was ‘ Falcon sh*t up’.

To sober our stars, there was a food tuck serving up some delicious Connecticut pies (The Family, Brick Oven Pizza Truck), a dessert truck for your sweet tooth (Hardcore Sweet Bakery) and a beef jerky vendor (forgot the name… I blame the beer).

Overall it was a spectacular day! Even when there isn’t an event going on, this brewery is one of the best places to hangout on a warm Connecticut Summer Saturday! They have plenty of board games and a classic N64 set up for your nerding pleasures. My group had a serious game of oversized Jenga, (loser bought the next round of course!)

You truly can’t go wrong at Black Hog, their beer selection is always on point with an insane variety to choose from. They are one a few Connecticut breweries that carry a brown ale, a range of stouts, and IPA’s! (Remember to check out Black Hog’s Website for all their on-tap options!) Bring all your friends, as there is plenty of seating and even some small cozy alcoves to sit in. The most interesting physical feature of the Brewery is their connection to the Larkin State Bridle Trail! So for any avid bike riders, you can ride right up to the brewery for a pit stop, and you can even continue on a mini Beer-tour, as the Bridle trail also connects to OEC brewery (Oxford)!

We hope you are able to check out the brewery soon or one attend one of their events. And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest events, beer releases, food trucks at Black Hog Brewery in Oxford!

22: Handmade Healing Bracelets (Branford)

22: Handmade Healing Bracelets (Branford)