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1: New Haven County, Brew Cruise Review

1: New Haven County, Brew Cruise Review

Brew Review

'The Drink Tanks'

FEATURED: Front Porch Brewery

226 N Plains Industrial Rd UNIT 4, Wallingford, CT 06492

     This hidden gem can be found in the Wallingford Industrial Park, behind Route 5. Their combination of retro-gamer chic and dive-bar sass makes this brewery a must stop shop!

     Bonus Info: Be sure to follow their FB page for updates on live events, such as their winter Smash Brothers Tournament. Not a beer person? No problem! They have partnered with New England Cider (featured later) to provide a non-hoppy alcoholic alternative. They have also started selling cans of their brews, if you'd rather binge your own Netflix and play your own retro games at home. 

Frontporch beer feature.jpg

Pictured: The 'PartiGal' brew

A sour Berliner with Melon

ABV 5.2, $5/12oz.

THC [The Hops Company]

77 Sodom Ln, Derby, CT 06418

      Ranked by Connecticut Magazine for Best Beer Bar in 2017 AND 2018, you may have already discovered this oasis in the lower Valley. BUT, if you have not, I am probably your new favorite human. This gigantic taproom/Beer Garden features almost 40 beers on Tap, including local and international selections. 

THC waterf1.jpg

Bonus Info:

A list of their 'on tap' can be found on their website.

Their outdoor gardens (pictured here) are unrivaled in the summer, featuring lawn games, live entertainment, and tons of seating.

Don't forget your free birthday boot on your special day. My best friend Jay would be disappointed if I left that out. ;-)

New England Cider Company

110 N Plains Industrial Rd A, Wallingford, CT 06492

     A cidery in New Haven County? Now this is my kind of party. Not a beer person? Looking for a change of pace? This hidden cider stop is a must try! Found in the same industrial strip as Front Porch Brewery, New England Cider company is 1 of 2 Hard Cider Brewers in the state of Connecticut. 

NE cider.jpg

Bonus Info:

My sources tell me this cidery is notorious for making their cider from ACTUAL APPLES.

Apparently, this isn't the norm? It explains why their products are delicious, and always changing! Keep up to date on their website for information on the newest tap release.

Most recently I tried the Strawberry Cider (pictured here), which was basically- summer in your mouth. You can quote me on that.

Counter Weight Brewing Company

23 Raccio Park Rd, Hamden, CT 06514

     This crouching tiger in Hamden is catching a bit of buzz. This spacious taproom is fresh, cozy, and dog-friendly! Brimming with great brews, this taphouse has become a quick Hamden favorite, for locally brewed IPAs, Stouts, Lagers, and Pilsners. 

counterweight beers and foodtruck menu.jpg

Bonus Info:

We found out on our visit that they also carry some Lambic beers and wine for those not feeling the brews.

In addition, they keep New England Cider on guest Tap. Counterweight is an excellent stop for groups seeking options.

Check our their facebook page for fun events such as Yoga, Record Festivals, and food trucks.

2: Best Tacos, Wallingford

2: Best Tacos, Wallingford